Sassafras Nature & Arts Youth Camp

Sassafras Camp is nestled in the bountiful foothills of Southeast Ohio on 300-acres comprised of Eastern Deciduous Forest, gorgeous rolling hills, vibrant meadows and nourishing streams and wetlands. For four decades, this wondrous land surrounding Sassafras Camp has been tended, preserved and rehabilitated to support native plants and wildlife.

This spectacular setting creates an optimal foundation for place-based, engaging and transforming learning and recreation.  Grounded in fostering connection — to our wondrous world, to ourselves, and to one another — Sassafras Camp is woven by the threads of inspiring and inviting activities.


At the heart of our program is an emphasis on ecological education including forest studies and aquatic ecology; mindfulness activities including meditation, yoga and observation; wilderness skills including foraging and basket weaving; herbal medicine and culinary exploration; creative expression including drawing, theatre and mask-making; and, above all, Play! through which we strengthen cooperative and leadership skills, and enjoy the precious freedom to be young.

Sassafras Camp is dedicated to nourishing the innate sense of wonder, creativity and stewardship inherent in all children.  By creating a safe and fun space to learn, explore, share and grow, we embrace the individuality that makes us all special and important, and the diversity through which our communities and our world become stronger, healthier and happier.  We laugh a lot, swim a lot, and learn a lot.


The food at Sassafras Camp is always made with organic and mostly local ingredients; we focus on fresh, healthful and delicious meals to please even the pickiest youngster while nourishing growing bodies.

The chorus of our theme song — written by 2018 campers — sums it up well;

“Eat food, get dirty, be yourself… Sassafras!”


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Equinox Botanicals Farm and Sanctuary, 33446 McCumber Rd.  Rutland, Ohio