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Sassafras Camp will be back in 2022!

Sassafras Camp will be back in 2022

Sassafras Camp will be back in 2022.


Coronavirus & Sassafras Camp Updates

The health and safety of our campers and staff continues to be our top priority at Sassafras. For health safety and financial reasons due to Covid-19, we have sadly decided to cancel day camp this summer. We will still be offering one week of overnight camp with extra health safety protocols for a small group of campers, ages 12-17.  

Overnight Camp Health and Safety Protocol

Pre-Camp Prevention

  • Counselors will practice strict social distancing and good hygiene, and do daily health screenings the 2 weeks before camp.
  • We encourage all campers and camp families to be practicing social distancing and following health safety protocols the weeks leading up to camp as well. 
  • Parents will be required to take their camper’s temperature and do a health screening the morning before arriving at camp. If a camper or person they’ve been in contact with is showing any Covid-19 symptoms we will not be able to have the camper attend. 

Handwashing & hygiene protocols will be taught and enforced. 

  • We have 2 foot pump hand washing stations. Everyone will be required to wash their hands for 20 seconds or longer when they arrive, before and after eating, and of course after using the restroom. 
  • On the first day of camp we will make a hand sanitizer and each camper will have their own bottle to use for the duration of camp. 
  • Counselors will clean and disinfect high touch surfaces multiple times a day

Food and Dining

  • Outdoor camp kitchen will be cleaned and disinfected before each use. 
  • Counselors will wash their hands with hot water and sanitize with 70% alcohol before all food preparation. Masks will be worn while making meals and serving campers. 
  • Extra tables will be provided to allow campers to maintain a physical distance of 6 ft while eating. 
  • Each person will have a designated cup. 
  • Dishware will be washed with hot water, sanitized, and air dried. 

Health screening during camp

  • We will conduct a brief health screening and take the temperature of each camper in the morning with a forehead thermometer. If a camper has a temperature of 100.4 or greater, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhea, fatigue, loss of taste or smell, or vomiting, they will be compassionately isolated from the group until a family member can pick them up. 

Sleeping Arrangements

  •  Extra tents will be set up to ensure there are only 3 campers per tent. Campers are welcome to bring their own tent if they or their families would prefer they sleep alone.

Overnight Camp Schedule: 

Monday, July 20th – Sunday, July 26th

Ages 12-17

Monday Drop-Off, 9:00AM

Drop off campers at farm house or parents are welcome to drive up top and help campers set up for the week if you have 4WD.

Sunday Pick-Up, 3:00 PM

Food: 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Made from organic and, whenever possible, local ingredients.


  • OVERNIGHT CAMP– $500 (includes 3 meals and 2 snacks per day)
  • Cash or check accepted. Please make checks payable to Lonnie Galt-Theis and send to 33446 McCumber Rd. Rutland, OH 45775.  If you cannot pay the full amount at this time you can register your child with a $100 deposit for the day camp and a $200 deposit for the overnight camp. Final payments are due TWO WEEKS before the first day of camp.

Financial need based scholarships:

  • A few $50, $100, and $250 scholarships are available.  Email or call Lonnie at (303) 547-5358 to apply.
  • $30 sibling discount available if needed.
  • Scholarship Donation: We do our best to make Sassafras Camp accessible to all children. If you’d like to donate to our scholarship fund, please write a separate check with “sassafras scholarships” in the memo.

Please print, fill out and send the appropriate release form along with your registration payment (or with you to the first morning of Sassafras Camp)!

Wondering what to bring to camp? The following checklist is meant to support your packing efforts! Please reach out with any questions.

Contact Information: 

Lonnie Galt-Theis: (303) 547-5358

Sassafras Camp Email:

Equinox Botanicals Farm and Sanctuary, 33446 McCumber Rd.  Rutland, Ohio